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History In Brief

In 1994, State Government funding cuts to the Baby Safety Capsule Hire scheme [BLS] provided by Local Government threatened the continuation of this essential service. A service delivery plan was developed and implemented which has seen this important service continue.

In addition to an innovative service delivery plan, quality policies and quality procedures were developed. The service gained Quality Assurance accreditation to AS/NZS ISO 9002 standard through Lloyds Register Quality Assurance (LRQA). LRQA is a subsidiary of, and carries the reputation of Lloyds Register of Shipping which was established in London in 1750. LRQA is a well respected and internationally acclaimed QA Auditor.

Maxam continues to enhance internal procedures, improve the focus on customer service and expand through the provision of additional equipment and installation services.

During early 2004 Maxam re-introduced the public awareness strategy formerly undertaken by VicRoads. This program had deteriorated for a number of years. With the assistance of VicRoads, posters and flyers were printed and distributed to Councils and our Service Providers for display in appropriate locations throughout their municipal areas.

This program, together with assistance from VicRoads, Local Government and developments such as the introduction of the current Federal budget maternity payment have seen a revived awareness in the Baby Safety Capsule Hire Service throughout Victoria.